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Animation & Movie Portfolio

Browse through some of the projects we have done in the past. If you can't see anything similar to your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your project with one of the team.

360° Product Animations

Show your potential customers your products from every angle with 360° product animations and movies.

360 degree camera movie 360 degree saw movie 360 degree combat pants movie 360 degree dress movie 360 degree kettle movie 360 degree leather jacket movie 360 degree polo shirt movie jewellery ring movie 360 degree screwdriver movie 360 degree shoe movie 360 degree kid's slide movie 360 degree sofabed movie 360 degree trolly movie 360 degree welly movie

Catwalk Video Clips

Give your customers an online fashion show with a catwalk video clip. A great solution to show people your clothing on real models.

Catwalk on charcoal background Catwalk on white background Catwalk on coloured background

Specialist Animation

Anything is possible with a stop frame animation. An ideal solution to show people how a product works or even to explain how an item should be built. Other uses include internet banners or advertisements and in store screen POS movies.

Angle poise lamp animation Tom Dixon copper shade animation Tom Dixon jacks John Lewis kitchen animation Offcut stools Tom Dixon peg chairs Tom Dixon roll chairs Tom Dixon scoop chair Tom Dixon screw table Senator Chairs Sherwood cot animation Sun Sea and Sand Toolbox animation Void lamps animation Wedge Welly web banner


We also shoot video for websites or TV. A great way to explain what your company does or create a TV or internet marketing campaign.

Origin doors managing director interview Radiator Topps tiles TV adverts


We can bring your videos to life by adding interactive elements like hot-spots and animation. The viewer can control the direction an object is spun or navigate through the rooms of a house

Interactive dorbcrest house